Car owners might find a dent in their car’s surface. Not only does a dent affect the vehicle’s overall aesthetics, but it also reduces its resale value. However, not all car dents are the same. There are different types of car dents, each with its dent repair procedures.

This guide will provide an overview of different types of car dents and how to fix them in the best possible way.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Dents?

Before you delve into the details of the different repair procedures for car dents, you must know about the dents you can find on the vehicles.

  1. Round Dent

It is a type of small dent, and your car might have one of them. They are the most accessible types of dents for professionals to repair. They do not need to have extensive repair work.

  1. Sharp Dent

They are deeper and have angular dents compared to the round ones. They are caused by a sharp object hitting the car at high speed. Depending upon the size of the sharp dent, they might need some additional repair effort, like sanding and filling for damage repair.

  1. Crease Dents

These types of dents are caused when a panel hits the car’s surface with great force. The metal folds on itself. Unlike the other dents, these are difficult to repair as they need precision and care.

  1. Dings

Almost all car owners have faced this dent once in their lifetime. Minor and shallow dents can happen on the car surface for many reasons, like a misplaced ball kick, stones kicked up while driving, and other incidents that create ding. They are easy for professionals to repair using some special repairing techniques.

Can All The Car Dents Be Repaired?

The answer is yes; almost all the dents can be repaired. However, there are some instances when car dent repair might be so reasonable, and such incidents are-

  • When there is extensive paint damage due to dent
  • When the dent goes through more than a single layer of the body panel
  • If the dent is close to other parts, like the electrical panel or frame

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