Spray painting your automobile is an affordable method to give it a brand-new look, whether the paint job is starting to show signs of wear or you want to have a change of colour.

Preparation Of Spray Paint 

A quality colour scheme must be completed on time; it will take many days to paint your car correctly. As a result, keep aside a few days for the project.

Step 1: Carefully select your location

You must choose an appropriate location for any DIY project before painting. Ensure the area is well-ventilated and well-lit and allows plenty of space for working on your automobile. Pick a place with electricity and little airborne dust. Avoid using furnaces or heaters in residential garages because they frequently include them. 

Step 2: Take out the trim, dings and rust

Make sure the paint job doesn’t draw attention to any flaws by fixing any noticeable dents and removing any chrome or plastic trim. Trim and mouldings can be changed after the painting is finished.

Step 3: Prime

Use a highly corrosive and self-etching primer to prime the exterior of your car after sanding it down to the bare metal if necessary.

Step 4: Let the primer dry.

If any rust was removed, adequately prime the areas by padding them until they’re flat and applying sufficient primer to the affected areas. Follow the container’s instructions to let the primer cure ultimately.

Step 5: Add more sand

Sand the freshly primed areas once more, and be careful not to expose the metallic coating by overspending.

Step 6: Clean up

Use a rag that has been slightly moistened with a thinner to wipe the primed surfaces.

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