Every car owner loves their vehicles and wishes to keep them safe from any kind of damage and dents. But, car scratches are normal. You cannot avoid them. This is why a garage typically receives car scratch repairs jobs more than any other kinds of repairs and servicing tasks. 

You cannot avoid scratching or denting of cars, but if you know the most common reasons, you can try to avoid such situations.

How Your Car Gets Dent?

  • Careless Washing and Drying 

Your car needs to be clean and shiny all the time. You must follow a regular car cleaning routine. But, that should not be a hazard for your car’s body paint. Improper and careless washing can cause severe damage to a vehicle’s body. Choose the correct method of car washing with the help of soft materials and a non-toxic cleaning agent to get the best result without damaging the body paint of your vehicle.

  • Rocks and Road Debris

These elements are really disturbing for your car’s body paint. Though they may look tiny, they can damage the car’s body when they collide with the vehicle in speed. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to avoid them. You can pay close attention while driving and try to avoid holes, big rocks and other debris. But, most of the time, it is unpreventable, and you need to take your car to a reliable scratch repair centre to solve the issue.

  • Car Accidents

This is the most unfortunate cause but the most obvious one as well. When your car meets an accident, the vehicle’s body gets maximum damage. Scratches, dents and damages to the body paint and the exterior metal structure is very common after accidents. Take your car for repairing and get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • Harsh Weather

Hailstorms, thunderstorms, heavy blowing wind and other types of harsh weather conditions can also cause minor to major dents and scratches on your car if you keep them outside unprotected. You should use a car cover in case you need to keep it there for a long period but cannot use the garage.

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