Does your car have a big scratch on the body? Although it’s difficult to find out how it got there, getting rid of it is essential. Furthermore, you must check the intensity of the scratch and assess the number of expenses that you’ll have to incur for its repair.

A scratch can effectively diminish the value of the car.  Hence, it’s better not to be late. Get the same repaired as soon as possible. Approach professionals for car scratch repairs in Wimbledon. Trying DIY methods can reduce the value of the car’s model. If the scratch is not very prominent, then your problem will get solved with three common strategies. 

Common ways of repairing car scratches

Give a touch-up paint

This is an effective way to mend the big scratches on the car’s body. In this process, you need to clean up the car’s bodywork thoroughly and put a touch-up paint on the same. You can use a fine brush to apply the paint so that the scratch is mended easily. Take your car to the professionals for touch-up paint. They will match the colours exactly to the existing ones so that the scratches get covered easily. If you’re thinking of adding a second coat, then give some time to the first coat to dry completely. 

Polish the car’s body

You can also use mildly abrasive polishing chemicals to cover the scratches on the car’s body. In this process, the car paint is taken off, and polish is put on a cloth and wiped gently over the scratched parts of the car. You can also ask the mechanics to apply a coat of wax for extra protection. 

Fixing pens for minor repairs

These are expert fix-up pens used for minor repair works. You can purchase and use this yourself and keep it with yourself. This will help them fix the minor scratches easily as and when you want to do the same. The best thing about these pens is they are easy to carry. You can take them anywhere and apply the same on the spot as soon as a minor scratch occurs. 

Small dents from major scratches – any problem that you face with your car, you will be able to fix them easily. Take your car to Merton Crash Repairs Ltd. Our team of efficient mechanics will restore everything to its original condition. Approach us for all types of scratches.