Irrespective of how professionally and attentively you drive, there will always be someone parking haphazardly, a football thrown out of place, a shopping trolley, a fallen branch, or something else that would leave a mark on your vehicle. However, we and our relatively ordinary cars cannot behave in the same way as historic cars, which can pull off this look rather effectively. And nobody loves dents and scrapes, especially when they are on a car recently bought. We always look for ways to Car dent repairs without knowing the right methods or services we can get.

Following are the Do it yourself methods to fix your car dents

  • Applying Hot Water

Hopefully, the dent will completely pop back out if you attempt to use it with boiling water. There are numerous testimonials and pieces of proof to support the claim that this works, even though it could seem too good to be true. Keep in mind, though, that plastic bumpers are the only kind for which the boiling water approach is effective. It’s also suggested to give it a quick splash of cold water to let it cool down and set when it has returned to its normal shape.

  • Plunger method

To remove the dent, use a plunger and a little force after spraying hot or boiling water on the metal to loosen it up. Larger dents won’t be able to pop back with simply a plunger, therefore it only works effectively for small to medium-sized dents.

Don’t forget to use mild pressure; sometimes it takes more than one or two pushes to get the desired outcome.

  • Using Dry Ice

The dry ice approach, while not exactly a common home item, can be useful for removing minor dents on cars. Wearing gloves that will protect you is a must!

It is a straightforward procedure. Simply rub the dent with the dry ice while holding it over it until you hear it rise to the surface. The dry ice application can be repeated as often as necessary to produce the desired outcome. You can heat the dent with hot water or a hair dryer first for a quicker result.

  • Blow dryer and compressed air

Using a mixture of hot and cold air is the best DIY technique. We use a hair dryer and pressurized air to keep it as easy as possible. The plastic may take on any shape by expanding with the help of heat, while the plastic contracts with the help of compressed cold air, which causes the dent to pop out. If you encounter any accidental dents or major dents that are impossible to repair at home then it is advised to take the car immediately to a nearby Car dent Repair service. Merton Crash Repairs Ltd is a professional team of experts who will repair your car and make your car look as good as new. Modern dust extraction equipment, paint mixing techniques, and body alignment technologies are all part of our fully functional workshop. We can provide top-notch accident repair services considering these advantages. To meet manufacturing standards, all finishes are made affordable. Visit our website for further related queries.