When your car undergoes an unfortunate accident or crashes on a surface, claiming the insurance money is your priority. After all the formalities are done, you must visit your nearby garage. Their professionals will look at the extent of damage and offer a quality repair service.

A Professional Approach is Necessary:

When it comes to car crash repair in Wimbledon, it is impossible to treat all cars with a similar approach. The accidents are different from one another, and depending on it, the repairers will offer you a suitable service. This greatly affects the time of getting your car back in shape.

Reasons Why Car Crash Repair May Get Delayed:

Here are some important factors that may affect the overall time to repair a car that has undergone an accident.

  1. Delivery of Parts: The car body repair shops do not keep body parts in stock. They have to order new parts from a service provider to replace the damaged ones. This may take some time to treat the problem with your vehicle. Sometimes, the shop will have to wait to get the nod from the car insurance provider and entertain supplemental requests.
  1. The Extent of the Damage: It is a primary cause for the delay in repairing your car. If your car needs repair for multiple dents and a fresh coat of paint, it will naturally take some time. However, you may get your car back after a day or two if the damage is not severe.
  1. Repair Claims Process: It is another factor that may cause delay in getting hold of your repaired car. The insurance company takes 2 to 3 days to inspect the damage, four days to review the claim, and a bit more time to approve it.

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