Whether you are a first-time driver or you are a seasoned motorist, you are there; the sad moment is when you see the scratch on the beloved car that you are having. It is a really painful and heartbreaking incident. Here, in this blog, you will learn about the different types of scratches and how the experts carry on Car scratch repairs in Wimbledon and nearby locations. 

The car scratches are of all shapes and sizes. Some are very minor, while others are deep and need expertise and services from a professional. You need to know about the different types of scratches. Knowing the type of scratch will help you take the first step toward a successful repair service. 

What Are The Different Types Of Car Scratches?

The car paint has three distinct layers- the primer, basecoat, and the clear coat. The primer is called the initial layer of the paint and applied on the surface. The purpose of this layer is to offer a smooth surface for basecoat. 

Next, the base coat is the layer that endows the car with the right colour. It is applied over the primer and comprises different layers to get the desired hue and finish in the vehicle. 

Last, the clear coat is the final layer applied on the car’s surface. It is the transparent layer that protects the base coat from environmental factors like weathering. The types of scratches you want-

Clear Coat Scratches

They occur when the clear coat layer on top of the paintwork gets damaged. They are shallow and do not penetrate the paint layer, from minor blemishes to visible scratches. The good news is that these scratches are resolved with the help of a mild abrasive compound and microfiber cloth. 

Paint Scratches

They occur when the paint layer gets damaged, further exposing the metal portion underneath. The paint scratches are more challenging to fix out all the clear-coat scratches. The intensity of this scratch can range from minor to deep scratches that come down to the metal surface. 

Primer Scratch

They are considered the most severe type of scratches on the car. Here, the metal gets exposed, and the primer layer is damaged. This type of scratch needs professional services for Car scratch repairs in Wimbledon. These are some of the major types of car scratches you see. If your car is facing any issues related to surface scratches and you want to fix them, take the vehicle to Merton Crash Repairs Ltd. The team offers exceptional car repair services. Get in touch to avail yourself of the best solutions from specialists.