Dents on the body of the car can look bad. However, they are not permanent scars. Instead, you can quickly get rid of dents without any hassles. You can either use paintless or regular dent repair techniques.

If the dent is big and nasty, approach professional agents for car dent repairs. DIY methods in such cases can turn out to be a mess, and the body of your car might get damaged.

Here are a few tips that can help you get rid of the typical dents without paying a visit to the garage.

How To Get Rid of Dents Easily?

Tip 1: Wash The Car Thoroughly

The dents, which can look like superficial scratches, can be easily removed by a thorough wash of the car’s body. You can use a dish or laundry soap, mix in with lukewarm water in a bucket and wash your car thoroughly. Use a scrubber to scrub off the scratches or dents on the body that are visible.

Tip 2: Remove Grease and Wax

The next step involves the removal of grease and wax from every part of the car. You can find plenty of grease removers in nearby stores. Generally, the grease contains silicone, which is harmful to your car’s body. If you can’t get a chemical grease remover, you can use a homemade solution of lemon water to remove the grease successfully. Dents can sometimes be created by grease and wax. Removing this can make your car as good as new.

Tip 3: Using The Right Types of Tools

If you don’t have the correct tools, don’t take up the DIY process of mending the dents. You’ll be unsuccessful. If you can access only one side of the dent, use a welding gun to fix this.

Tip 4: Use The Heat Shrinking Method

This is an intelligent method where heat is used to shrink the metal. This technique is challenging to be done by yourself. Therefore you might have to approach professional mechanics to try this technique and fix the dents as soon as possible.

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